Plumbing Repairs Services – Harris County

Repair Sewer
One benefit of using a genuine plumbing company like JDM is that no matter how complicated the job, JDM can handle it. Sewer repair is the real deal requiring a well-trained plumber. Whether it’s the repair of your main sewer line, replacement of the sewer line, or cleaning the line, JDM will advise the correct course of action, and complete it professionally.

Repair pipes, shower, or toilet
Perhaps you’ll need to just repair pipes, or a shower, a toilet, garbage disposal or water heater. JDM is happy to repair your existing plumbing. Keep in mind: we offer 24/7 plumbing services in case of emergencies, and se habla espanol. We believe in clear communication so everyone understands the situation and agrees on the best way to fix your plumbing problems.

Plumbing Installation

Perhaps after looking over the situation, you’ll agree that it would make more sense to simply install a shower, a toilet, or a new water heater or garbage disposal. JDM will recommend tried and tested plumbing fixtures and equipment for your home, or place of business.

Questions about plumbing repair? Call JDM Plumbing Systems, LLC, the genuine voice of experience in Houston, at 832-844-8600