Water Heater Repairs – Harris County

JDM Plumbing Systems, LLC knows water heaters inside and out from their many years of collective experience repairing them, replacing them, and installing water heaters, with tanks, and tankless water heaters too.

The first thing to do is have JDM do a checkup to determine your water heater’s current state.

Did you know you should flush your water heater at least once a year? When is the last time you did that in your home? Working with JDM, your experienced Houston plumber means you will take care of important maintenance such as flushing water heaters, which is affordable and improves energy efficiency and increases the lifespan of your unit.

But a good plumber like those with JDM can evaluate your water heater to assess its performance, efficiency and amount of sediment build-up. Has it been in place over 10 years without regular flushing? Discuss it with JDM to learn about your best options.

Tankless Water Heaters

A Tankless Water Heater is a good option for some, but believe it or not, those units should also be flushed periodically. Also, which water heaters are the most stable and use the best materials, and break down less frequently? You won’t find that out by talking to a big box store. You should talk to the experienced plumbers at JDM who know their equipment well, having installed and replaced hundreds of water heaters on both residential and commercial plumbing jobs. They’ll explain what water heaters have held up the best for them over the years.

Questions about water heaters? Call JDM Plumbing Systems, LLC, the genuine voice of experience in Houston Plumbing, at 832-844-8600